Helping to make a difference

We are passionate about making a meaningful and positive difference to the community in which we operate.

Caring for our community and giving back to support future generations

Community Giving

A helping hand to support education in our region.

We are working with our local regional Northern NSW primary school and tertiary institution to contribute to initiatives that positively impact both students and the community.
We are a large part of the community that we operate in. We are reaching out to support our local regional primary school with initiatives like classroom technology upgrades and helping fund resources for sustainability projects.
We strongly believe in the value of education. As part of our community giving program, we are pleased to support students with study aspirations in the emerging field of regenerative agriculture by sponsoring part scholarships at our local regional University.
We are pleased to announce the FY22 recipient of the Eve Health Group Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship. Developed in conjunction with Southern Cross University, a leading educational institution in the field of regenerative agriculture, the scholarship aims to support students with a passion in this emerging field to achieve their study aspirations. We wish Jen the best of luck on her study journey.